Adm. Secy. of IT, UT Ladakh Virtually Conducts Comprehensive Review of Significant Projects

Leh, Nov. 09: To ensure the continuous advancement of technological initiatives, the Administrative Secretary of Information Technology for Union Territory Ladakh, Amit Sharma presided over a virtual progress review meeting of the ongoing major projects.

The review meeting centered around the ongoing major projects, with a particular emphasis on the Ladakh State Data Centre. Secretary of the IT Department, UT Ladakh Amit Sharma was briefed on the physical progress of the construction of the Ladakh State Data Center by the Central Public Works Department.

Expressing his satisfaction with the progress of the projects, the Secretary acknowledged the Central Public Works Department’s dedication to ensuring the Ladakh State Data Center’s timely completion. He emphasized the pivotal role of the Data Center in bolstering Ladakh’s technological capabilities and promoting data-driven governance.

Amit Sharma demonstrated a profound understanding of the project’s significance in enhancing information management, fostering e-governance, and fortifying the region’s digital infrastructure. The Secretary expressed satisfaction with the progress made thus far but stressed the need for expeditious implementation.

He highlighted the transformative potential of these projects in realizing the vision of a digitally empowered Ladakh. He commended the dedication and hard work of the project teams and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving successful outcomes.

The Administrative Secretary reaffirmed the UT Ladakh administration’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of its residents. He also assured continuous support and resources for the timely completion of pivotal projects.

This virtual progress meeting underlines UT Ladakh’s unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and excellence in the realm of Information Technology.