Opinion | Great minds never mind the pressure of exams.

Every field has set different criteria to assess progress or development on a regular basis. Without doing any assessment, it is very difficult for the concerned authorities to go ahead because we set goals before heading towards any target, and planning and targeting for good results always gives us positive and effective results. So whenever we do have any future plans, we are supposed to keep in mind a number of things and always try to reach out to those who are experts and have gained some experience. Every day, every moment we gain experience, it could be positive or sometimes it could be negative. Great people are those who learn from others and share with others what they have gained and experienced from their surroundings.
As most of us often used to say, after almighty Allah, government rules are prevailing here on this earth. No doubt, I do have full faith that every bit is being controlled by the superpower that’s almighty Allah, and at the same time, I follow the rules and regulations issued or set by the government authority because rules and laws are being set for the betterment of the general people and for the security of the individuals of the country. It is our duty to follow the rules and regulations for the betterment of our nation and let others know the importance of them.
Today in this article, I am going to explore the importance of exams and how exams are having a positive psychological impact on our lives. Basically, these days’ exams are being revamped with a number of new techniques, like assessment of the students by observing their overall performance during an active class. Assessing the students by keeping in mind their domestic and financial conditions supposes brilliant students have some financial or domestic issues and always suffer in a number of ways, as such cases do not get full support from their parents in the educational field. The government has taken a number of initiatives for the betterment of students, but these are not sufficient to fulfil their needs. We have taken a number of initiatives to uplift the downtrodden class and should provide them with all the basic facilities so that our nation develops at a very rapid speed.
Who are brilliant people?
For me, we are all brilliant and have immense potential to revolutionise the whole world, as the Almighty has bestowed on us the brain. The brain has immense potential that can be achieved through bizarre inventions like smartphones, laptops, memory cards, and DNA sampling; in fact, the medical sector has great and quite strange inventions. As the living cell is the fundamental, structural, and functional unit of life, most of us are well aware of the living cell. But one thing is quite appreciative: we know a number of things about this invisible thing. Scientists have achieved great success with things that are still out of our imagination, like the study of cell biology and atoms. As every non-living thing is made up of atoms, one thing is great: we have good knowledge about this invisible particle. An atom has shells like K,L,M, N, etc., has neutrons, and protons have a nucleus inside it.
There are inborn intelligent and hard workers with immense potential to change the world by introducing their great thoughts and by their great and strange useful inventions. The world needs great minds; it hardly matters which country they belong to, which religion they follow, or which caste, colour, or sex they have. Simply put, if you are concerned about the whole of humanity, you prevail and gain what you have never thought of. Actually, we have negative notions that always support our nation and family and take care of our own belongings. Great people always think about the whole of humanity and try to solve problems for them. Always be positive; we are all equal, and one day we have to say good-bye to this small planet, so always try to live for others, keeping aside their religions, nation, caste, sex, etc. In Sha Allah, we will get success, I hope.